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BT ETA1 12/15-30x100*

Powers Fastners

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ETA1 Hex Head Blue -Tip SCREW-BOLT™
ETA1 Hex Head Blue -Tip SCREW-BOLT™ anchors are one-piece units featuring a finished hex head formed with an integral washer.
Suitable for any trade, Carpenter, Formworker, Tie down applications, Racking Installers, Construction,
Can be used in Concrete, lightweight concrete, Hollow core concrete, Block, Brick, Stone.
*ETA Approved for two embedment depths
ETA option 1 approval for cracked and uncracked concrete
F120 fire resistance
Approved for very small edge distances
Hex Head Zinc finish
Ratchet teeth on the underside of the hex washer head lock against the fixture
?Removable and vibration resistant
Patented dual lead thread and a chamfered tip.
Fast installation with Immediate high strength loading
Specially matched to the clearance hole, the need for layout or hole spotting is eliminated.
No expansion forces
Can be installed closer to the edge than traditional mechanical anchors