FESTOOL 12V NiMH 3.0 Ah BPS Battery Pack


  • $240.00
  • SKU: 489728

Innovative battery technology brings power and flexibility to your cordless tools with Festool's range of battery packs. Long lasting, and measurably superior to other cordless tools. Now you can achieve perfect results quickly and easily with the quality you expect, even when you’re not near an electrical outlet.

Scope of Delivery

  • 12V NiMH 3.0 Ah Battery Pack
  • Charger sold separately

Technical Data

Product Name 12V NiMH 3.0 Ah Battery Pack
Battery Voltage 12V
Battery Capacity 3.0 Ah
Battery Type Nickel Metal Hydride
Weight 0.6 kg

Compatible Tools

  • CDD 12 ES Cordless Drill/Driver
  • CDD 12 FX Cordless Drill/Driver