FESTOOL Titan Abrasive Disc 77mm 0 Hole P1200 - 50 Pack


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The 77 mm diameter StickFix Titan 2 sanding discs are an ideal abrasive for solid surface and automotive finishes. Compatible with LEX3 77 Random Orbital Sander. Titan 2 grit abrasives range from P120 up to P3000 and primarily used for automotive repairs. Stearate-based, aluminium oxide abrasive incorporates a latex backing for increased flexibility when sanding contoured surfaces, ensuring high surface quality and longer useful life. StickFix hook and loop design for quick and efficient abrasive changes.

Tech Specs
Diameter (mm) 77 mm
Grit P1200
Quantity in Pack 50
50 x Abrasive Discs 77 mm P1200