FESTOOL Systainer SYS 2 Toolbox


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Save time through better organization with the new open top SYS Toolbox 2 (height 257 mm). The easy access design of the SYS Toolbox allows you to keep what you need within close reach. You'll spend less time searching for frequently used tools and accessories. A perfect complement to the Festool Systainer System, the SYS Toolbox latches seamlessly and securely to the top of both T-LOC and classic style systainers.

Scope of Delivery

  • SYS Toolbox 2

Technical Data

Product Name SYS 2 Toolbox Systainer
Dimensions - L x W x H 396 mm x 296 mm x 257 mm
Usable Surface Area L x W 396 mm x 296 mm
Volume 20 litres
Height 257 mm
Load Capacity 14 kg