FESTOOL Panther Saw Blade 160mm x 1.8mm x 20mm 12 Tooth


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  • SKU: 500460

For fast sawing with less force, especially rip cutting in solid wood. Suitable for hard and soft woods. The saw blade is manufactured from high quality metal for perfect cuts and a long service life. Cutting angle and tooth shapes are adapted to the application and machine.

Scope of Delivery

  • Panther Saw Blade

Technical Data

Product Name Saw Blade 160 mm x 1.8 mm x 20 mm 12 tooth
Material Wood/Soft Plastics
Diameter 160 mm
Cutting Width 1.8 mm
Hole Diameter 20 mm
Number of Teeth 12
Chip Angle 25°
Tooth Shape Alternative Bevel
Recommended Tool Speed Range 3 - 6

Compatible Tools

  • HK 55 160 mm Circular Saw Plus
  • HKC 55 160 mm Cordless Circular Saw Basic