LRS 400 80x400mm Air Orbital Sander


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The LRS 400 Air Orbital sander has a 4 mm sanding stroke and is ideal for sanding large flat surfaces. The speed preselector allows you to adjust stroke speed to suit the material, significantly increasing the working quality. Softgrip handle, ergonomic housing and perfect power to weight ratio allows for fatigue free work. Vibration stop balancing reduces vibrations and oscillations putting less stress on your hands and wrists, as well as on the sander. Used with a suitable Festool Dust Extractor and IAS 2 hose, efficient extraction is provided through a single hose.

Scope of Delivery

  • LRS 400 Air Orbital Sander
  • StickFix Sanding Pad 80 mm x 400 mm
  • 50ml Cleaning and Lubricating Oil
  • Tool Manual
  • NOTE: an IAS connecting system is required for...


  • Coarse and pre sanding of large flat surfaces
  • Working on primed surfaces
  • Sanding a variety of different surfaces

Technical Data

Product Name LRS 400 Compressed Air Sander
Motor Type Brushed
Power Source Compressed Air
Operating Pressure - Flow Pressure 6 bar
Sanding Pad Diameter 80 mm x 400 mm
Sanding Stroke 4 mm
Number of Strokes 14,000 rpm
Air Consumption at Rated Load 390 litres per minute
Tool Weight 2.3 kg