Festool DTSC 400 18V 100mm x 150mm Cordless Orbital Iron Head Sander Bluetooth 3.1Ah Set in Systainer


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  • SKU: 575709

The cordless and compact RTSC orbital sander gives you unparalleled mobility and freedom of movement when working. It has a 2 mm sanding stroke and is ideal for achieving an outstanding surface quality when finishing or pre sanding. The powerful 18 V Bluetooth® Ergo battery pack with 3.1 Ah ensures cordless freedom with plugged-in performance. Bluetooth® allows automatic starting of the CLEANTEC dust extractor when the cordless tool is switched on (requires use of a Bluetooth®-capable dust extractor); not compatible with all other Festool cordless tools. The battery is the key to an extremely compact design with balanced weight distribution and perfect ergonomics, weighing just 1.4 kg. The sander features dedicated dust extraction combined with a longlife dust catcher which allows flexible handling of the tool. The light weight design guarantees non-tiring work, even when carrying out overhead work. Ideal for vertical surfaces or in hard to reach places. For unlimited working time, swap your batter pack for the plug-it power adapter. Ideal for bench mounted use in combination with a Festool mobile dust extractor.

Scope of Delivery

  • DTSC 400 Cordless Sander
  • 2 x 18V Li-ion AH Ergo Bluetooth® Battery packs
  • StickFix sanding pad 100mm x 150mm
  • Protector
  • Longlife Dust Catcher
  • Charger TCL 6
  • Power Adaptor 18V Ergo
  • Plug-it Lead
  • SYS 2 Combi Systsainer
  • Tool manual


  • Compact lightweight detail sander
  • Ideal for fine sanding of flat surfaces
  • Pre sanding of flat surfaces
  • Sanding of internal corners
  • Outstanding results on wood, plastic or paint

Technical Data

Product Name DTSC 400 Cordless Sander Bluetooth 3.1 Ah-I with ACA adapter
Motor Type Brushless
Power Source Cordless or Corded
Battery Voltage 18V
Battery Capacity 3.1 Ah
Battery Type Lithium-ion
No Load Speed 6,000 rpm - 1000 rpm
Power Lead Type Plug-it Lead
Sanding Pad Diameter 100 mm x 150 mm
Sanding Stroke 2.00 mm
Dust Extraction Connection Diameter 27 mm
Tool Weight 1.4 kg