CT 36l L Class Autoclean Dust Extractor


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The 36L Festool CTL 36 AutoClean extractor is designed for the testing demands of the construction site. The AutoClean function automatically cleans the filter every 10 seconds ensuring the extraction capacity remains high and eliminating the need for work interruptions due to manual filter cleaning. The robust chassis with steel axle in combination with a low centre of gravity ensures optimal directional stability and smooth running on rough ground. The clever filter integration allows the tear resistant filter bag to unfold completely and maximise its full utilisation, significantly reducing filter bag costs. Features a smooth antistatic hose design to help you work cleaner by preventing dust from accumulating on the exterior of the hose. Approved for dust class L and with the option of fitting air modules, Festool's CT 36 promises healthy, dust free working conditions at every job. Can be retrofitted with a Bluetooth® module to allow the extractor to be controlled via the remote control on the suction hose.

Festool dust extractors are fitted with a circuit breaker for safety when a connected load of 1200 watts is exceeded.
Some tools that draw higher wattage can trigger the circuit breaker and if initiated requires the reset button above the socket to be pushed in and reset.
When requiring to use larger wattage tools with dust extraction it is recommended the tool is operated off a separate outlet and a Bluetooth system can then be used to switch the dust extractor on and off as required.
When using tools it is recommended you always use the correct consumable for best results as even lower wattage tools can trip the circuit breaker if the system isn’t matched to the application. (e.g.: saw blade not matched to material)

Scope of Delivery

  • CTL 36 HD AutoClean Dust Extractor
  • High Performance Main Filter
  • Self Cleaning Filter Bag
  • Disposable Waste Bag
  • Smooth Anti Static Suction Hose D 36 mm / 32 mm
  • Comfort Clean Closing Slide
  • Basic Cleaning Set 27 mm / 36 mm
  • Tool Manual


  • Work producing high dust volumes
  • Workshop and on site cleaning

Technical Data

Product Name CTL 36 HD AutoClean Dust Extractor
Power Consumption Maximum 1200 W
Maximum Airflow 3,900 l/min
Maximum Vacuum 24,000 Pa
Filter Surface Area 6,318 cm2
Container/Filter Bag Capacity 36 L wet / 34 L dry capacity
Auto Clean Function Yes
Dust Approval Rating Dust Class L - low risk dust
Mains Cable Rubber Insulated
Mains Cable Length 7.5 m
Dimensions - L x W x H 673 mm x 365 mm x 522 mm
Weight 15.2 kg