Festool VAC SYS SE 2 Vacuum Clamping Unit Set


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The Festool vacuum clamping system makes the seemingly impossible become possible - clamping without limits. The proven vacuum-based suction clamping provides a highly effective and ergonomic work platform for any project with non-porous work pieces up to 30 kg and 1 m². High quality plastic pads ensure no marks are left behind, even on highly polished surfaces, and the lightweight, compact unit is easily transported in a systainer. The system can be easily expanded with a second clamp (VAC SYS SE 2 Vacuum Clamping Unit) for larger work pieces, and can rotate 360° and pivot 90°. Four different pads are available to allow clamping of curved or rounded work pieces, and pads are easily changeable, without tools, thanks to the FastFix system. 


Scope of Delivery

  • VAC SYS SE 2 Vacuum Clamping Unit
  • Vacuum Pad VAC SYS VT 275 mm x 100 mm
  • VAC SYS Compressed Air Pump sold separately
  • Sys 4 Systainer
  • VAC SYS Vacuum Hose
  • Y Connector and Hose to join two Vacuum...
  • Tool Manual


  • Sensitive surfaces can be clamped without damage
  • Workpieces can be rotated up to 360°
  • Workpieces can be tilted up to 90°

Technical Data

Product Name VAC SYS SE 2 Vacuum Clamping Unit
Power Source Corded
Power Consumption at 50 Hz 160 W min - 200 W max
Power Consumption at 60 Hz 200 W min - 230 W max
Power Lead Type Fixed Lead
Pump Capacity at 50 Hz 2.7 cubic metres/hour
Pump Capacity at 60 Hz 3.5 cubic metres/hour
Minimum Vacuum 81% / 810 mbar
Workpiece Dimensions 1 m x 1 m max
Workpiece Weight 30 kg max
Tool Weight 8 kg