TURBO II 7.5kW Centralised Extraction Turbine


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The Festool Turbo II 14WP centralised extraction turbine features dynamic control technology that maintains constant vacuum power for up to 14 work stations. The patented dynamic control unit (DC-TEC) automatically reduces the energy consumption to the absolute minimum depending on the number of workplaces in operation saving up to 80 % of energy cost. This intelligent system controls the relationship between the requested suction power and required energy. In addition, automatic filter cleaning cycles are carried out continuously in order to guarantee 100% suction power. Approved for dust class M extraction.

Scope of Delivery

  • TURBO II M-14WP R1 Centralised Extraction Turbine
  • 2 x Main filter bags
  • Disposal bag
  • Tool manual


  • Dust extraction of dust class M
  • Extraction of up to 14 sanding work stations
  • Extraction of grinding dust, for example from fillers, priming material and paint
  • Part of the Festool workstation system with the ASA boom arm, EAA power box and sanders

Technical Data

Product Name TURBO II 7.5kW Centralised Extraction Turbine
Power Consumption 7.5 kW at 50 Hz
Maximum Number of Workstations 14
Motor Frequency Controlled 20 Hz - 65 Hz
Maximum Airflow 1230 m3/h (65 Hz)
Maximum Workstation Vacuum 140 mbar
Noise Level at 40 Hz 65 dB(A)
Container/Filter Bag Capacity 50 L
Filter Surface Area 75,000 cm2
Tube Connection (Air Flow / Exhaust) 100 mm / 125 mm
Maximum Line Length 100 mm
Dimensions - L x W x H 805 mm x 1048 mm x 1740 mm
Weight 320 kg