LEX 3 77 Set 77mm Air Random Orbtial Sander 2.5mm Set


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Extremely robust, durable and reliable the LEX 3 compressed air sander is suitable for all types of work in the workshop. Ideal for heavy duty applications in paintshops or the industrial sector because compressed air sanders are low maintenance and significantly lighter than electric power tools. A pad size of 77 mm and a sanding stroke of 2.5 mm makes the LEX 3 perfect for fine and final sanding. The sanding pad reduces flaws when first applying the tool to the surface of your workpiece, meaning less reworking and lower costs. Ensure a healthy working environment pair your LEX 3 with a Festool dust extraction system and not only will you have low vibration levels and lower operating noises but also a dust free environment. Also offering the lowest compressed air consumption of any air sander, the LEX 3 is guaranteed to reduce energy costs.

Scope of Delivery

  • LEX 3 77/2.5 Compressed Air Sander
  • StickFix Sanding Pad D 77 mm
  • Interface Pad D 77mm
  • 2 in 1 Air and Extraction Hose 5.0 m
  • SYS 2 T-LOC Systainer
  • Tool Manual


  • Finishing sanding
  • Sanding transitions when doing spot repairs/blending
  • Removing paintwork blemishes and paint drips
  • Sanding small surfaces, seams and edges
  • Trimming edges in furniture manufacture

Technical Data

Product Name LEX 3 77/2.5 Compressed Air Sander Set
Motor Type Brushed
Power Source Compressed Air
Orbital Motion Speed 10,500 rpm
Operating Pressure - Flow Pressure 6 bar
Sanding Pad Diameter 77 mm
Sanding Stroke 2.5
Vibration Emission Value ah - three axel 1.9 metres per second squared
Vibration Emission Value ah - single axel 0.8 metres per second squared
Air Consumption at Rated Load 270 litres per minute
Sound Pressure Level 72 dB(A)
Tool Weight 0.8 kg