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Arbortech AS170 Brick & Mortar Saw


  • $1,149.00
  • SKU: ALL.FG.170240.00

Cut Dry. Cut Clean.

For the first time you can cut dry and cut clean at the same time. Inside jobs are now possible without the usual painstaking clean up time.


Powerful, heavy duty 1250 Watt motor. Long lasting motor life even in the toughest working environments. All AllSaw compatible blades have high quality Tungsten Carbide teeth that are also resharpenable.
AS170 cutting through brick and mortar


The clever ergonomic design improves balance and control, whilst preventing dangerous and deadly kickbacks.
The unique patent cutting technology produces little airborne dust which creates a safer environment for the operator and bystanders.
The engineered design allows the operator clear visibility when cutting.


With a number of specialised Allsaw AS170 compatible blades available, including Wood Blades, Heritage Blades, Switchbox Blades, Headjoint Blades and more. We have the blade for the job.