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150mm 6? Bench Grinder BG6 by Linishall


  • $159.00
  • SKU: BG6

150mm 6? Bench Grinder BG6 by Linishall
Unique adjustable eyeshields with magnifying glass assist in safe, accurate finishing or roughing of all types of componentry, tooling, etc.

Optional additions include a pedestal stand, belt and disc grinding attachment and a mitre table.


All models include as standard a safety E-stop emergency switch
Wheel dresser
Adjustable oval eyeshields with
magnifying glass
Cast metal tool rests
Adjustable work light
Pre-loaded bearings (no end play)
2850 rpm
Heavy sheetmetal wheel guards

Thread (Nut): M12 x 1.75
Shaft Diameter: 12.7mm (1/2)


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