M12™ Heated Jacket 12V DC CigPlug Adaptor

M12™ Heated Jacket 12V DC CigPlug Adaptor


  • $19.00

Product Details
The M12™ Heated Jacket 12v DC Plug Adapter is compatible with standard 12v DC power outlets found in automobiles, heavy machinery, and recreational vehicles. This adapter provides unlimited run time to all Milwaukee® Heated Jackets. The 7-Foot coil cord allows users to neatly route their cords no matter the vehicle type. Designed with safety in mind, the adapter incorporates a break-away feature in case a quick exit from a vehicle is necessary.

Compatible with Standard In-vehicle 12V DC Power Outlets
Provides Unlimited Run-Time to All M12™ Heated Jackets
7-Foot Coil Cord with Break-Away Feature for Easy Cord Routing
Built-In Fuse Protects the Jacket from a Voltage Spike from the Vehicle

Voltage 12V