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Raimondi Pikus 105A Electric Wet Saw 1050mm


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  • SKU: RAI-PIK105A


For cutting granite, marble, porcelain, single and double fired, bricks, cement, etc.

Straight, 45° bevel (Jolly) & plunge cuts.

Maximum length of cut 105 cm.

Maximum thickness of cut: 80 mm in single pass; 150 mm in double pass.

Maximum blade diameter Ø 250 mm; smallest blade diameter Ø 230 mm.

Adjustable cutting depth.

Tilting motor assembly for bevel cuts from 0° to 45°.

Belt driven system optimizes motor torque and cutting capacity. Gear ratio of motor to disc 1,4 ÷ 1.

Drive belt type poly V.

Cast and extruded aluminum framework.

Easy-to-remove polypropylene tank for easy cleaning.

Capacity: 38 ltr.

Heavy duty water pump and (2) jet nozzles (front or rear mounted) provide superior blade cooling.

Sliding motor assembly with cast aluminum housing provided with 4 re-adjustable pulleys (double bearings).

Extruded aluminum rail.

Re-adjustable square for long lasting precision.

Telescopic legs provided with safety device to prevent collapsing.

Floating blade guard remains in contact with tile to provide extra safety during operation.

Pivoting blade guard remains parallel with tile to ensure maximum cutting depth.

Equipped with: diamond disc Ø 250 mm for porcelain.

Wheels kit for easy transport. Key kit, wrench, manual.