Buckaroo Leather 50mm Tool Belt 32"

Buckaroo Leather 50mm Tool Belt 32"


  • $53.00
  • SKU: TCB32

If you are looking for a tough, durable and resilient tool belt, then look no further than this. Our Copolymer belt is becoming one of our bestsellers. This material is a 100% Australian Made article and has a breaking strength of over 1 tonne.

It is well suited to the humid conditions underground as it won't crack or strain when exposed to moisture.

Copolymer coated webbing has replaced leather in the equestrian industry, and for good reason! It has leather qualities but far surpasses leather in terms of strength, ability to adapt to any environment, won't misshapen over time and above all is a non toxic product with very little maintenance.

Available from size 32 inch to 46 inch.