Paslode Power Tools Sydney

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Paslode Power Tools Sydney

Do you take pride in getting the job done right?

Are you searching for ways to get more done quickly?

Paslode Power Tools - World Class Power Tools

Since 1935, Paslode has been producing world-class power tools and accessories. From class-leading cordless impulse tools and pneumatic tools, to revolutionary efficient Paslode fasteners, this is a team that is committed to creating innovative power tools.

Enjoy the convenience of having maximum job site productivity, with no compressors, no hoses and no hassles.

The Cordless Impulse tools use “PowerVent Technology” to create more than 50% more power. With innovative Power+ Fuel Cells, these tools can handle even the most strenuous jobs.

Better On Your Body – More Gain, Less Strain.

Get more done in less time, with industry leading power ratios.

The experienced designers and industry experts at Paslode undertake extensive research and testing to ensure their products offer the ultimate in usability and user-comfort. The ergonomic design of Paslode power tools ensures maximum comfort and safety with advanced non-slip hand grips.

A tradie's second best friend!

With excellent balance and low-pressure actuation, it should come as no surprise that experienced tradesmen from all over Sydney love the Paslode Impulse IM90CI Framing Nailer. Check out the full details on this revolutionary product to see why we love this design.

Our range of Paslode tools and accessories includes:

  • Paslode Impulse IM250S-LI 1.6-2.0mm TrimMaster Straight Li-Ion Bradder
  • Paslode Impulse IM250A-LI 1.6mm (16ga) TrimMaster Angled Li-Ion Bradder
  • Paslode Impulse 2.8-3.15mm FrameMaster-Li PowerVent
  • Paslode Impulse IM90Ci 2.8-3.15mm Framing Nailer
  • Palode PCF 1000 Corrugated Tool
  • Paslode Pneumatic FloorMaster FS 1.75mm (15.5ga) Flooring Stapler
  • Paslode Pneumatic 6000-40 Medium Wire Stapler
  • Paslode Pneumatic 80-16 Stapler
  • Paslode Pneumatic NT 65.1 2.2x2.5mm T Nailer
  • Paslode Pneumatic ND70.1 Bradder
  • Paslode Pneumatic DA65.1 1.5mm (15ga) Angled Bradder
  • Paslode Pneumatic CNW57 2.1-2.8mm Coil Nailer
  • Paslode Batteries
  • Palsode Chargers
  • Paslode Fuel Cells
  • Paslode Lubricating Oil
  • Paslode Accessories

As a leading Sydney power tools store, we take great pride in not only offering the very best range of Paslode power tools in Sydney but also offering the industry’s best advice and after-sales support.

5 Reasons You Will Love Our Paslode Power Tools

  1. The very best prices
  2. Free shipping on all orders over $199 (T&C apply)
  3. Expert service
  4. Quality advice since 1973
  5. Complete range of Paslode power tools and accessories

When you purchase a new Paslode Li-Ion Cordless Nailer, you will also receive a carrying case, clear safety glasses, 240v battery charger, 2 x rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, hex key, owners manual and tool reference guide. If you need any support following the purchase of your Paslode power tool, we are happy to share our extensive experience to help get the most our of your new power tool.

For more than 80 years, tradesmen all over the world have been completing jobs easier and faster thanks to the awesome power and durability of Paslode products. If you are looking to improve your worksite efficiency, investing in the latest Paslode products is a savvy decision.

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