EVA Adhesive Black for KA 65 - 48 Pack


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EVA universal adhesive with high melting point, also suitable for use on objects with a higher resistance to temperatures. Black colour tone suitable for all types of decor. Affixing wooden, plastic or laminated plastic edging to panel materials.

Scope of Delivery

  • 48 x Black EVA Adhesive Cartridges


Starting the KA 65 Edge Bander

This video shows how to start the Conturo.



KA 65 Conturo Edge Bander
Safe thermal unit

The KA 65 has a thermally isolated gluing unit, which ensures short heating times (approximately 8 minutes) and maintains low surface temperatures – no risk of burns.

KA 65 Conturo Edge Bander
Free temperature control

The KA 65 has two pre programmed temperatures, others can be programmed as required. This allows the use of different glues.

KA 65 Conturo Edge Bander
Clean gluing system

Convenient to refill and easy to change colour, exact quantity of glue melted and glue does not burn. Glue is not circulated, heats up rapidly and is supplied in precision doses.


Technical Data

Product Name Black Edge Bander EVA Adhesive
Colour Black
Diameter 63 mm
Height 26 mm
Processing Temperature 190 °C
Temperature Resistant -10°C - +75°C
Softening Range 90°C