Festool TCL 6 Rapid Battery Charger


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  • SKU: 201137

Battery charger with rapid charge function for use with all slide on Lithium-ion battery packs (except CXS/TXS). The TCL 6 Rapid charger is suitable for 10.8V-18V battery packs with a charging current of 6A and weighs only 0.8kg. Safe and efficient, the TCL 6 features intelligent monitoring electronics that protect the charging battery from being overcharged or charged in hazardous conditions. Fast charging in 40-70 minutes depending on tool temperature.

Scope of Delivery

  • TCL 6 Rapid Battery Charger
  • Battery sold separately

Technical Data

Product Name TCL 6 Rapid Battery Charger
Charging Current 6 A
Input Voltage 220V-240V
Weight 0.8 kg

Compatible Tools

  • C 18 Cordless Drill Basic

  • PDC 18 Cordless Hammer Drill Basic

  • HKC 55 160 mm Cordless Circular Saw Basic

  • PSC 420 Cordless Barrel Grip Jigsaw Basic

  • SYSLITE KAL II LED Heavy Duty Work Light

  • DRC 18 Cordless Drill Basic

  • BHC 18 Cordless Rotary Hammer Plus Li

  • PSBC 420 Cordless D Handle Jigsaw Basic

  • SYSLITE UNI LED Cordless Work Light

  • SYSRock Worksite Radio