CENTROTEC 4mm Countersink Bit with Depth Stop


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  • SKU: 202392

Ideal for patio construction as it makes it possible to drill and countersink patio flooring and substructures in a single step. Versatile thanks to an adjustable drilling depth and extremely durable as a result of the special drill bit's long service life. Adjustable countersink drill bit with a free spinning depth stop for use with the Centrotec system. The Centrotec shank is designed for use with the Festool Centrotec System, as well as with all standard or keyless chucks for no-slip performance. The Centrotec System was designed to provide a seamless transfer of force, eliminating bit slippage or marring of the drill bit. Most importantly, the Centrotec system offers a quicker and more secure means of bit change than any other quick change chuck system.

Scope of Delivery

  • 4.0 mm Countersink Bit with Depth Stop

Technical Data

Product Name Centrotec 4 mm Countersink Bit with Depth Stop
Diameter 4 mm
Quantity in Pack 1

Compatible Tools

  • C 15 Cordless Drill/Driver
  • CDD 9.6 FX Cordless Drill/Driver
  • CDD 12 FX Cordless Drill/Driver
  • DR 20 Electric Drill 1100W
  • T 12 Cordless Drill/Driver
  • TDD 14.3 Cordless Drill/Driver
  • TDK 12 Cordless Drill / Driver
  • TXS Mini Cordless Drill Set Li
  • C 18 Cordless Drill Basic
  • CDD 12 ES Cordless Drill/Driver
  • CXS Mini Cordless Drill Set Li
  • DRC 18 Cordless Drill Basic
  • TI 15 Basic Impact Driver
  • TDD 9.6 Cordless Drill/Driver
  • TDK 15 Cordless Drill/Driver