Soft SW Backing Pad 215mm for LHS 225 PLANEX & LHS E 225 PLANEX Easy


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  • SKU: 202546


The sanding pad for bends and curves.

The ST-STF-D 215/8-LHS-225-SW sanding pad is suitable for the PLANEX 225 EQ and the PLANEX easy. Thanks to its ultra-soft design, it is absolutely adaptable to curved or even surfaces. Due to its geometry, it offers optimal suction support and thus enables effort-saving work.

  • Due to its ultra-soft design, ideally suited to curved and even surfaces
  • The geometry of the pad encourages suction and consequently energy-saving work
  • for universal use on plain and arced surfaces
  • ultra-soft, adaptable sanding pad

Main applications

  • Suitable for sanding flat and curved surfaces
  • Painter
  • Drywalling
  • Renovating
Tech Specs
Diameter (mm) 215mm