Granat Net Abrasive Disc 150mm P240 - 50 Pack


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The 150 mm diameter StickFix Granat net sanding discs are a special abrasive for repairing compounds, fillers and paintwork. Granat net sanding discs range from P80 up to P400 grit abrasives for repairing modern paint systems, processing hard sublayers and processing plastics, mineral materials, acrylic, repair compounds and fillers. Dust extraction across the entire surface of the abrasive and featuring a high resistance to clogging, thanks to the mesh structure makes them ideal for use with materials that generate a large amount of dust. A high tear resistance and edge stability means no scratches on the surface. Simple positioning of the sanding disc saves time as there is no hole pattern to follow.

Scope of Delivery

  • 50 x Net Abrasive Discs 150 mm P240

Technical Data

Product Name Granat Net Abrasive Disc 150 mm P240
Grit P240
Quantity in Pack 50