CT-VA Cyclone Pre Separator


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  • SKU: 204083

The Festool CT Pre Separator with cyclone technology separates and collects coarse and fine dust before it reaches the mobile dust extractor. The dust heavy air that is drawn in is swirled into a spiral movement in the cyclone, causing the dust particles to hit against the wall of the cyclone and, due to the gravitational force, to fall into the collection container of the CT pre separator.

For craftsmen who work with large volumes of dust and debris, the CT Cyclone pre separator is the simplest answer for increasing the efficiency of your CT Dust Extractor and minimizing its lifetime cost of ownership all within a compact solution that fits seamlessly into the Festool Systainer modular storage system, allowing for easy storage and transportation.

Remove larger dust and debris before it fills your filter bag by using the CT Cyclone and reduce how often you need to replace filter bags and filters. Maintains a consistently high suction power as a result of reducing the dust load on the main filter. 

Scope of Delivery

  • Cyclone Systainer
  • Cyclone Waste Container 20L
  • Container Lid
  • Systainer Pan
  • Connecting Hose
  • Disposal Bag

Technical Data

Product Name CT Extractor Cyclone Pre Separator
Height 515 mm
Length 395 mm
Width 295 mm
Container Capacity 20 litres
Weight 7 kg