Laminate Jigsaw Blade HS 75mm x 3mm BI - 5 Pack


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The HS 75/3 bi jigsaw blade is a bi metal blade for fast cuts in a wide range of materials. Ideal for plastics (soft and hard), ABS, HDPE, Plexiglas, acrylics, cement board, iron, steel, and similar materials. The Cross set teeth deliver very fast cuts. Festool bi-metal blades offer a significantly longer useful life than other blades, especially in tough materials like hard plastics or laminates. Festool jigsaw blades are engineered for cutting efficiency, long life, and superior cutting results, with a universal T shank design that fits most professional jigsaws.

Scope of Delivery

  • 5 x Jigsaw Blades HS 75/3 BI

Technical Data

Product Name Jigsaw Blade HS 75/3 BI
Blade Type Bi Metal
Material Plastics/Acrylic/Mineral Materials
Cutting Blade Length 75 mm
Tooth Pitch 3 mm
Cutting Depth 30 mm
Quantity in Pack 5 items