FS 90 Degree Guide Rail Square


  • $265.00
  • SKU: 205229


90°. No more. No less. The aluminium stop milled from a single piece guarantees precise and reproducible perpendicular cuts without any readjustments. Thanks to the quick-change system, the angle stop is attached to the guide rail in an instant and, in combination with the portable circular saw, saw table and work bench, turns into the mobile panel saw.

  • CNC-milled aluminium stop made from a single piece for precise and reproducible 90° cuts
  • Easy to attach and completely self-aligning
  • Long contact edge for easy aligning with all workpiece edges
  • Grooves on the front and rear enable the guide rail clamps to be attached
  • For precise sheet cutting when using a guide rail and portable circular saw
  • For precise and reproducible 90° cutting of sheet materials without any readjustments
  • Completely self-aligning and precise thanks to milled aluminium stop
  • Easily and quickly connect with the guide rail using the quick-clamping lever
  • Perpendicular cutting and milling grooves in conjunction with the guide rail
Precise 90° cuts

CNC-milled aluminium stop for maximum precision for 90° cuts. No readjustments required.

Easy to attach

Insert into the guide rail and move the quick clamping lever. 

Easy alignment

Long contact surface for easy aligning with all edges.

Secure grip

It is possible to attach fastening clamps to securely attach the workpiece.

Precise cutting of sheets

When using a guide rail or portable circular saw.