PLANEX Arm Extention for LHS 2 PLANEX


  • $385.00
  • SKU: 205416

  • Maximises the range: Each extension by 450 mm
  • Even particularly high ceilings and walls are easy to reach
  • Extends the PLANEX to a machine length of up to 2.1 m: Extension of up to 900 mm when using two guide extensions
  • Quick extension of the LHS 2 225 long-reach sander by 450 mm
  • A maximum of two guide extensions can be used at the same time (one is already included in the scope of delivery of the PLANEX LHS 2 225)

Main applications

  • For sanding particularly high walls and ceilings
  • Use of 2 extensions for rooms with very high ceilings
Tech Specs
Length (mm)
Total length 500 mm/ Extension action 450 mm
Arm Extention for LHS 2 PLANEX