Granat Soft Abrasive Discs 225mm 8 Hole P120 - 5 pack


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The 225 mm Granat soft abrasives feature an adaptable soft pad ideal for processing very soft ready made fillers and providing a fine, scratch free sanding finish for plasterboard filler, gypsum plaster and pre mixed joint compound. Provides reliable sanding of completely filled Q3/Q4 surfaces, ensures a very high level of adaptability and an even sanding finish on soft scrapers.The premium abrasive Granat impresses in every application with a high material removal capacity, excellent service life and perfect dust extraction. A long service life means the abrasive needs changing less frequently saving time and money. 

Scope of Delivery

  • 5 x Granat Soft Abrasive Discs 225 mm P120

Technical Data

Product Name Granat Soft Abrasive discs 225mm P120 /5 pack
Grit P120
Quantity in Pack 5