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Arbor to suit 14-30mm holesaw


  • $30.00
  • SKU: 3834-ARBR-1130-C

Arbors for holesaws Ø14-210mm.3834-ARBR-730, for holesaws Ø14-30mm, with triangular shank and round arbor body|3834-ARBR-630, -930, -1130, for holesaws Ø14-30mm, with hexagonal shank and body giving a sturdier design with easier removal of the holesaw|3834-ARBR-9100, -11152 and -16152, for holesaws Ø32-210mm, equipped with Power Driver™ that increases the strength and eliminates play of the holesaw by redistributing the load from the thread to the solid cap|Arbors ending with QC are arbors with quick change mechanism where no tools needed to change holesaw|Large arbors, for holesaws >Ø32 mm, have drive pins to transfer large cutting force from the holesaw to the power unit|For retail self-service packaging select the articles ending with -C|HSS Pilot drill is included in all arbors|We recommend not to use arbors with 9 mm (11/32") shank for holesaws above size 100 mm (4")|When cutting in abrasive materials we recommend to select the carbide tipped pilot drill, 3834-DRL-CT