SORTAINER Traditional 4 Drawer Storage Box


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The 4 Drawer Sortainer is an excellent solution for organization, storage, and transport of fasteners, hardware, and other small project components (screws, washers, nails, nuts and bolts, hinges, knobs and more). Two Small (255 mm x 75 mm x 30 mm), one Medium (255 mm x 165 mm x 30 mm), and one Large drawer (255 mm x 348 mm x 85 mm) can be accessed from both sides, and each features its own latch. Individual drawers can also be removed from the Sortainer. Each drawer features a front recess with protective cover, allowing for the insertion of detailed labels. Sortainers seamlessly connect to all Festool Systainers, Sortainers and CT Dust Extractors for secure storage and easy transport. All Sortainers include dividers for their respective drawer sizes.

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  • Sortainer Storage Box

Technical Data

Product Name Sortainer 4 Drawer Storage Box
Type Sortainer 4 Drawer
Dimensions - L x W x H 395 mm x 295 mm x 210 mm
Weight 4 kg