Guide Rail Kickback Stop


  • $52.50
  • SKU: 491582

Affixing to the rib or guide on top of the Festool FS Guide Rail, the kickback stop can be used to provide secure stop points for repetitive cutting and for routing with most Festool routers. With a seamless fit to the rear of the TS plunge cut saw's sole plate, the limit stop also helps reduce the risk of kickbacks for plunge cut starts.

Scope of Delivery

  • Guide Rail Kickback Stop

Compatible Tools

  • AP 55 Circular Saw
  • AP 65 Circular Saw
  • AP 88 Circular Saw
  • ATF 55 Plunge Cut Saw
  • AT 65 Circular Saw
  • TS 55 160 mm Plunge Cut Saw Plus
  • TSC 55 160 mm Cordless Plunge Cut Saw Basic
  • TS 75 210 mm Plunge Cut Saw Plus