Hard High Temperature Backing Pad 125mm FastFix


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There is a high edge solidity with high temperature resistant hook and loop fastener. For flat surfaces and narrow edges with a hardness grade of H-HT. All Festool pads are designed with dust extraction as a primary consideration, so you'll work cleaner, produce a better finish and significantly extend the life of your abrasives and pads. Festool pads feature the StickFix hook and loop design for quick and efficient abrasive changes, and enable re use of partially used abrasives. A highly resilient, heat resistant MPE foam is utilized in all our pads for consistent finishing results, uniform wearing, and extended pad life. Sanding pads will eventually fatigue and require replacement, therefore it is advisable to keep a fresh pad at hand to avoid a break in work.

Scope of Delivery

  • Hard High Temperature Backing Pad 125 mm

Technical Data

Product Name Hard High Temperature Backing Pad 125 mm
Diameter 125 mm
Connecting Thread FastFix
Hardness Hard
Quantity in Pack 1

Compatible Tools

  • RO 125 FEQ ROTEX Sander