Guide Rail Index for LR 32 System


  • $118.00
  • SKU: 496938

Use the LR 32 Guide Rail Index as a linear stop to precisely align LR 32 style guide rails for hole drilling in larger workpieces. The Index can also be used to produce accurate spacing (32mm or 16mm) when joining two LR 32 guide rails. The guide rail connectors are required and are sold separately. With the Guide Rail Index, it is possible to drill closer to the end of the rail, maximizing the value of existing single guide rail set ups.

Scope of Delivery

  • 2 x Guide Rail Index

Compatible Tools

  • OF 900 Plunge Router
  • OF 1000 Plunge Router
  • OF 1010 W Plunge Router Plus
  • OF 1400 W Plunge Router