Platin Abrasive Disc 90mm 0 Hole P500 - 15 Pack


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The 90 mm diameter StickFix Platin 2 sanding discs are an ideal abrasive for super fine finish on fillers, finish coats, solid surface, fibreglass and plastics. Platin 2 sanding discs range from S500 up to S2000 grit abrasives for extra fine sanding. A foam backed, silicon carbide based abrasive with a stearate coating specially developed for high gloss finishes on closed surface materials. StickFix hook and loop design for quick and efficient abrasive changes.

Scope of Delivery

  • 15 x Abrasive Discs 90 mm S500

Technical Data

Product Name Platin Abrasive Disc 90 mm 0 Hole S500
Grit S500
Diameter 90 mm
Quantity in Pack 15