Rubin Abrasive Belt 533mm x 75mm P100 - 10 Pack


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The 533 mm x 75 mm Rubin 2 sanding belts are an ideal abrasive for hardwoods and softwoods, wood composites, and veneers. Compatible with Festool BS 75 Belt Sander. Rubin 2 sanding belts range from P40 for rough surface finishes or to prep for higher grits up to P150 grit abrasives for finish sanding on softer woods. Durable closed coated aluminium oxide sheds wood fibres as it abrades material surface, leading to faster material removal and a cleaner finish.

Scope of Delivery

  • 10 x Rubin Abrasive Belts 533 mm x 75 mm P100

Technical Data

Product Name Rubin Abrasive Belt 533 mm x75m m P100
Grit P100
Length 533 mm
Width 75 mm
Quantity in Pack 10