Standard Saw Blade 230mm x 2.5mm x 30mm 24 Tooth


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  • SKU: 500647

For different types of timber, standard chipboard, cement bonded chipboard, fibreboard and gypsum plasterboard. The saw blade is manufactured from high quality metal for perfect cuts and a long service life.

Scope of Delivery

  • Standard Saw Blade

Technical Data

Product Name Saw Blade 230 mm x 2.5 mm x 30 mm 24 tooth
Material Wood/Soft Plastics
Diameter 230 mm
Cutting Width 2.5 mm
Hole Diameter 30 mm
Number of Teeth 24
Chip Angle 20°
Tooth Shape Alternative Bevel
Recommended Tool Speed Range 3 - 6

Compatible Tools

  • HK 85 230 mm Circular Saw Plus