Universal Saw Blade 254mm x 2.4mm x 30mm 40 Tooth


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Durability and precision under the toughest conditions. Made from high-quality steel with saw teeth made from fine-grain carbide. After all, you can only achieve a perfect cut when the saw blade is as good as the machine.

Main applications

  • Universal saw blade for machining solid wood cross cuts, blockboard, plywood, multiplex/multilayered wood, raw chipboard, MDF (medium-density fibreboard) and HDF (high-density fibreboard)
  • Saw teeth made of high-quality metal – for optimum saw progress and perfect cuts
  • Cutting angle and tooth shape are adapted to the application and machine
  • Colour coding makes it easier to select the correct saw blade
Tech Specs
Hole Diameter (mm) 30 mm
Diameter (mm) 254 mm
Cutting Width (mm) 2.40 mm
Number of Teeth 40
Chip Angle 15.00 °
Tooth Shape Alternating
Universal Saw Blade 254mm x 2.4mm x30mm 40 Tooth for TKS 80