RO 125mm ROTEX 3 n 1 Random Orbital Sander in Systainer


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The ROTEX RO 125. Lightens the load of your tool kit while increasing the range of applications. With just one tool for an extremely high material removal rate during coarse sanding. A super-fine image when fine sanding. And a perfect finish when polishing. When combined with the GRANAT abrasive, the ROTEX saves money thanks to the minimal use of abrasives. And with the appropriate mobile dust extractor, it even saves you the effort of brushing the work surface. And, since it is based on many ergonomic studies, the RO 125 with its compact housing and soft-grip gripping surfaces more or less incidentally fits perfectly in your hand.

Main applications

  • Sanding off old paint and varnish
  • Sanding wooden materials
  • Renovation work such as sanding steps
  • Preliminary and coarse sanding of repair compound
  • Hologram-free polishing
  • Working on vertical surfaces
Tech Specs
Tool Weight (kg) 1.90 kg
Dust Extraction Connection Diameter (mm) 27 mm
Rotary Motion Speed (rpm) 300 - 600 min?¹
Sanding Stroke 3.60 mm
Sanding Pad Diameter (mm) 125.00 mm
Power Lead Type Fixed Lead
Power Source Corded
Power Consumption (W or kW) 500 W
Motor Type Brushed
Orbital Motion Speed (rpm) 3000 - 6?000 min?¹
RO 125 ROTEX Sander
Sanding Pad Protector
Soft FastFix Sanding Pad D 125 mm
1 x Granat Abrasive Disc P120
SYS3 M 187 Systainer