TS 75 210mm Plunge Cut Circular Saw in Systainer with 1400mm Rail


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Large saw with depth

For a greater cutting depth up to 75 mm. Follows only one line. Accurate to the millimetre and without splinters. With the necessary force for each material – lightweight and easy to handle. And the motor with three bearings including MMC electronics for an exceptional service life. The TS 75 combines considerable power and a lightweight in a compact device. Together with the guide rail, the TS 75 ensures flexible, fast and precise work.

  • 75 mm cutting depth for even more application possibilities
  • FastFix: quick and easy saw blade changing and adapting to the working material
  • Safe and convenient – with sliding clutch and KickbackStop
  • Spring-loaded spacer wedge for unhindered plunge cuts
  • Tool-less play setting on the guide rail
  • Quick-acting brake system for safe, convenient sawing
  • Attachable splinterguard for high-quality working results
With one cut through thick and thin

With a cutting depth of 75 mm and a power of 1600 watts, even thick workpieces can be sawed with a single cut. The time-consuming task of machining two sides is a thing of the past. This minimises reworking and saves the laborious process of rotating the workpiece.

Safe working

The KickbackStop prevents kickbacks when inserting the saw. Always to hand in the practical holder, it guarantees safe work.

FastFix saw blade changing system

Work adapted to the material. The FastFix spindle stop makes it extremely easy to change the saw blade. This way, you are always working with the right saw blade and sawing at a speed adapted to the material.

Extended service life

The triple bearing of the motor improves the running smoothness and extends the service life.

Exact depth setting

You can set the cutting depth accurate to the millimetre using the latching depth stop.

MMC electronics

Perfect adaptation to the working material, controlled speed and temperature monitoring. The quick-acting brake improves safety by stopping the saw blade in seconds.

Safe and clean insertion

The spacer wedge is spring loaded and slides back into the housing automatically when placed on the workpiece. Once the machine is inserted, the spacer wedge moves into the saw groove and prevents the saw blade from getting jammed. This means that the spacer wedge is always on the saw, ensuring safety at all times.

Additional safety

If the saw blade gets jammed, the sliding clutch prevents the saw from jolting back.

Dust-free work

The extractor connector, which can be rotated by 360°, makes it exceptionally easy to adjust the dust extractor to suit the working position.

Tech Specs
No Load Speed (rpm) 1,350 rpm - 3,550 rpm
Saw Blade Diameter (mm) 210.00 mm
Power Lead Type Plug-it Lead
Power Source Corded
Power Consumption (W or kW) 1,600 W
Motor Type Brushed
TS 75 210mm Plunge Cut Circular Saw
Universal Saw Blade HW W36
Kickback Stop
FS 1400 mm Guide Rail
Plug-it Lead
SYS 5 T-LOC Systainer
Tool Manual