OF 2200 80mm Plunge Router in Systainer


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The OF 2200 router offers the most powerful low end torque, highest routing precision, and top ergonomic comfort. Producing a massive 2200 W of power, even routing the thickest, hardest materials is performed to perfection. The double column clamping system guarantees accurate routing height, and all important controls are within easy reach to allow both hands to remain on the machine during use. When used with the side stop or guide rail, the offset guide rods ensure easier routing in difficult materials for long periods. Pair with a Festool Dust Extractor to get up to 99% of all chips extracted during edge routing.

Main Applications

  • Rounding, trenching and profiling
  • Routing large cut outs, circles and arcs
  • Creating worktop corner joints
  • Routing seal channels in windows and doors
Easier guidance

When routing with the side stop or guide rail, the guide rods are offset by 30 degrees. This means that the working position and advance direction are aligned making routing over long periods easier.

All within reach

The control elements such as double column clamps, on off switch and extraction ring trigger can be reached easily without having to let go of the router during operation.

Secure all the way down

A great advantage of the OF 2200 machine is the 80 mm routing depth adjustment range. The collet is up to 10 mm above the baseplate and cutters are securely clamped, even with thick materials.

Powerful low speed torque

The electronic motor control uses its 2200 watts of power to produce an impressive low end torque performance. The three bearing mounted armature shaft guarantees low vibration routing.

Fast and accurate

Coupling of the base plate and motor unit allows you to move the profile cutter quickly into the ideal position using the fine adjustment of 1/10 mm, adapting more easily to your work piece.

Systematic cleanliness

When the OF 2200 is used with a Festool Dust Extractor, the extraction ring, chip catcher and exhaust adapter (which can be rotated 45 degrees) removes up to 99% of chips while routing edges.

Tech Specs
Tool Weight (kg) 8.3 kg
No Load Speed (rpm) 10?000 - 22?000 min?¹
Dust Extraction Connection Diameter (mm) 36/27 mm
Collet Diameter (mm) 6 - 12.7 mm
Routing Depth Adjustment Range (mm) 20 mm
Power Source Corded
Power Consumption (W or kW) 2200 W
Motor Type Brushed
Routing stroke 80 mm
Bench opening 89 mm
OF 2200 80mm Plunge Router in Systainer
Chip defelector
Copy Ring D 30 mm
Clamping Collet 1/2inch for OF 1400/2200
Clamping Collet 1/4inch for OF 1400/2200
Systainer3 SYS 4 Medium 337mm x 396mm Storage Box
Tool Manual