Systainer3 SYS 1 for 80x133mm / D125mm / 100mm Delta Abrasives


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Stores any abrasive in a dedicated space, clearly organised, efficiently protected against moisture and always to hand. The pivotal point of the SYSTAINER is the T-LOC, the central control element: Close, open, connect with just a single turn. Particularly time-saving: With T-LOC, the SYSTAINER T-LOC can be opened without having to disconnect it from the other SYSTAINERS beforehand.

  • With insert for abrasives 80x133 mm, Ø 125 mm and detail sheets

Main applications

  • Permanent organisation, clear overview, flexible modules
  • Saves significant time, effort, movement, expense
  • Simple, compact transport
  • Provides a professional appearance to customers
Tech Specs
Dimensions - L x W x H (mm) 396 x 296 x 105 mm
Compartments 6
Systainer3 SYS 1 for 80x133mm Abrasives