Underframe for CSC SYS 50 Systainer Saw


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The UG-CSC-SYS underframe is the ideal 3-in-1 solution for your assembly jobs. It acts as a hand cart for transport from the vehicle to the point of use – allowing you to easily roll an entire tower of Systainers of up to 80 kg to the construction site.

The foldaway legs are folded out in an instant, giving you a worktable of 58 x 58 cm in size; a practical alternative to trestles. Workpieces are securely clamped on the surface via the perforated top. However, the underframe demonstrates its full ability in combination with the CSC SYS 50 cordless table saw.

This is securely positioned in the holes of the work space – and already you're working at an ergonomic height of 90 cm. The legs simply remain folded in when using the CSC SYS 50 cordless table saw close to the ground, e.g. when laying a floor.

The "shovel" that just served as a transport surface for the Systainers is now set up as an ideal support for long workpieces for all rip cuts, cross cuts and angled cuts.

  • Versatile: Transport aid, worktable and underframe for the CSC SYS 50 cordless table saw in one
  • Resilient: Transport a Systainer tower up to 80 kg. The Systainers engage securely on the base plate. Additional fixing possible with a lashing strap
  • Saves space: Folded together, the underframe takes up barely any space in the vehicle
  • Practical: The foldaway legs are folded out in an instant. Unevenness in the floor is compensated for by a foot compensation on one of the foldaway legs
  • Stable support: The typical Festool hole pattern of the worktop allows secure clamping of workpieces with clamp clips and lever clamps
  • A perfect fit: The ideal combination with the CSC SYS 50 cordless table saw. Creates a working height of 90 cm, offers a stable support for long workpieces. The legs remain folded in when working close to the ground (working height 24.5 cm)
  • puts the CSC SYS 50 cordless table saw at a working height of 90 cm (with legs folded out)

Main applications

  • Ideal underframe for CSC SYS table saw installation
  • Suitable for transporting Systainers in the tower in its role as a hand cart, the blade bears 80 kg
  • Suitable as a mobile worktable with a load of 100 kg
Sturdy rollers

Rubberised rollers are designed for a load of up to 80 kg.

Safe transport

Systainers engage securely in the base plate. They can also be fixed with a lashing strap.

A firm grip

The handle for pushing and pulling is accessible at any time due to its clever shape. If the underframe is set up as a worktable, it is located underneath the work space and is never in the way.

Convenient foldaway legs

Folded out without tools; unevenness in the floor is easily compensated for by the swivel base.

Tech Specs
Dimensions - L x W x H (mm)
1?067 x 580 x 245 mm
Weight (kg)
18.13 kg
Dimensions L x W (mm)
580 x 580 mm
Tabletop height: High Working Position
677.00 mm
Tabletop height: Low working position
245.00 mm
Load capacity as worktable/hand truck
100 / 80 kg
1 x Systainer Saw Mobile Underframe