Scoring Saw Blade 47mm x 6.35mm x 1 Tooth


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Perfectly splinter-free from the very first cut

The diamond scoring saw blade scores the top layer of the material, ensuring a splinter-free cut on both sides. Also perfect for challenging HPL materials or melamine coatings. The use of diamond means that the saw blade has a very long service life.

  • Extremely long service life thanks to the use of a diamond cutting tooth
  • The conical tooth shape makes it easy to adjust the scoring width to the saw cut
  • Perfect splinter-free cuts, especially with coated or veneered panels
  • for veneered and coated panels
  • splinter-free cut on both sides

Main applications

  • Splinter-free cutting of chipboard, specially veneered and plastic-coated panels
  • Splinter-free cutting of HPL compact panels such as Trespa®
Tech Specs
Hole Diameter (mm)
6.35 mm
Diameter (mm)
47 mm
Cutting Width (mm)
1,95 - 2,5 mm
Number of Teeth
Tooth Shape
Material (colour coding)
1 x Scoring Saw Blade 47mm x 6.35mm x 1 Tooth