Dust Catcher Bag for KSC 60


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Even without an extractor connected, the chip collection bag ensures a working environment with reduced dust. Quickly fitted in no time at all, the bag collects dust and chips precisely where they escape and is easy to empty thanks to the zip fastener. This means that you can make the most of the cordless product's full mobility and compactness – while also ensuring improved air quality and less reworking.

  • A working environment with reduced dust: Chip collection bag for dust-free work, even without a mobile dust extractor
  • Easy: Fitted in no time at all
  • Simple: Empty using the zip fastener
  • Practical: Does not restrict the mobility of the cordless product
  • ensures a dust-free working environment with maximum mobility


Low dust levels even without an extractor.
A working environment with reduced dust even without an extractor connected: The dust ends up in the bag and therefore ensures improved air quality and less reworking.

Quickly installed and emptied.
The chip collection bag is quick and easy to fit in no time at all. It is also straightforward to empty the bag: Open the zip fastener, empty the dust, close the zip – and you're ready to get back to work.

Full mobility.
The chip collection bag maintains the overall compactness and mobility of the KSC 60 cordless sliding compound mitre saw, which is particularly practical for work on scaffolding or when constantly changing location.

Dust Catcher Bag for KSC 60