Anti Static Dust Extraction Set for CS 50 CS 70 TKS 80


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AB-AS CS/TKS dust extraction set:
Working with low dust – through simultaneous dust extraction at the guard and machine.

If dust exits at two points – an extractor hose is not enough. For CS 50, CS 70 underfloor trimming saws or TKS 80 bench-mounted circular saw, the dust extraction set helps to pick up dust where it arises: Both at the guard and at the machine itself. The combination of two hoses – diameters D 27 and D 36 – is perfectly aligned with the machines and connects both dust exit points via the Y-piece with the mobile dust extractor, while the antistatic function prevents static charging. Allowing you to work healthily, conveniently and without much dust.

  • Dust extraction made easy: The dust extraction set connects both exit points of dust and chips (guard and machine) with just one mobile dust extractor
  • Ideally designed: Combination of D 27 and D 36 hoses – suitable for connection to the machine and the guard respectively
  • Prevents static charging: The antistatic function prevents static charging of dust and chips
  • antistatic
  • comprising: Suction hose D 27x2.0 m-AS, suction hose 36x1 m-AS, Y terminal
  • can be used with all trimming saws and table saws
Tech Specs
Hose Diameter (mm)
27/36 mm

Suction hose D 27x2.0m - AS
Suction hose 36x1m - AS
Y terminal