GECKO Suction Clamp Guide Rail Adapter


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  • SKU: 577293


Secure connection for a long time.

The DOSH-FSAD adapter combines the GECKO DOSH and a FESTOOL guide rail. The GECKO can hold the guide rail in place in combination with this adapter. Particularly where it is not possible to position fastening clamps; for example, in the middle of large panels or on a tiled floor.

  • Designed for a system – the GECKO can be mounted directly to a guide rail using the guide rail adapter
  • Tool-free fitting of the adapter on the GECKO
  • The adapter can remain on the guide rail and the GECKO can be quickly installed without tools
  • to fix the guide rail at the GECKO

Main applications

  • Panel cuts
  • Production of recesses in large panels
  • Cutting of large-format tiles
  • Tile repairs
  • Bearing of panels and glass panels
1 x GECKO Suction Clamp Guide Rail Adapter