MFK 700 Laminate Trimmer with Brake in Systainer


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Convenient conversion. The modular design makes the MFK 700 a cost-effective all-rounder: Only the router table, and not the entire router, needs to be changed – and it is ideally equipped for all tasks involved in corner and edge trimming. Simply set down the right table and you can immediately route veneers or grooves, round edges, create profiles and much more.

*6.35mm collect sold separately (488761)

*Trimmer Base 1.5 Degree sold separately (495165)

Main Applications

  • Edge router specially designed for flush trimming and rounding protruding edges
  • Unique ball bearing guide brake ensures perfect, streak-free working results
  • Possible to flush trim 0-45° inclined edges (depending on cutter)
Precise fine adjustment

The routing height can be adjusted accurately to a tenth of a millimetre. The lock prevents the router table from moving during operation and is easy to operate.

Universal interface

By using the integrated interface, different router table modules can be used without the need for tools.

Moving contact pad

The MFK 700 has an attachable base feeler bearing, ensuring results that are free from marks.

Surface protection

The bench of the MFK 700 is inclined by 1.5° to protect the surface from damage. The slight inclination of the cutter prevents the surface from being milled off.

Flush routing and rounding

The design of the router table on the MFK 700 incorporates an opening on the support base to accommodate the veneer overhang. Veneer or strips can be routed flush and rounded at the same time using the correct Festool cutter.

Side stop with fine setting

The moveable stop jaws of the parallel side fence are installed optimally on the router and thus prevent it from tipping over. This makes perfect rebates and grooves very easy.

Cutter replacement in seconds

With the MFK 700, cutter replacement is quick and easy. Actuate the spindle stop via the rocker.

Clean and healthy work

The extractor connector is integrated directly in the router table – for optimum handling and a clear view of the workpiece.

Flexible motor design

The right motor arrangement for every application: The motor can be installed horizontally or vertically on the router table.

Quick device changeover

Thanks to the plug-it system, the device can be changed quickly – directly via the cable and not via the socket or extractor: One cable for all devices. And even if the cable breaks, it can be replaced quickly without any problems.

MFK 700 Laminate Trimmer
D 8 mm Collet
Trimmer base with bearing brake
Plug-It Lead
Systainer3 SYS 2
6.35mm collet (488761) NOT INCLUDED
Trimmer Base 1.5 Degree sold separately (495165)