CENTROTEC 3-8mm Mini Wood Spiral Drill Bit Set for Systainer3


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  • SKU: 577395


Twelve high-quality bits and six short wooden drill bits are always cleanly stowed and at hand as quickly as possible in the practical lid compartment cassette. The bit cassette can be used either in the lid compartment Systainer or as a separate box. Due to the integrated magnets, the bits and drill bits are held securely, allowing convenient removal and stowing. The wooden drill bits can be directly inserted into the CENTROTEC tool chuck and locked. The short drill bit length makes handling easier when drilling, for example for bore holes in panel materials or for bore holes in narrow spaces.

  • Fits perfectly into Systainer³ models with lid compartments
  • Drills and bits are securely held in modules that can be flexibly moved
  • Drills made from high-alloyed ball bearing steel
  • With centre point and two cutters for drilling quick and clean holes
  • 2 chamfers instead of pre-cutting blades for an extended useful life, even when cutting laminated chipboard
  • 18-piece bit and wooden drill bit set

Main applications

  • For drilling in all types of wood, glued solid wood, MDF and acrylic glass
  • Its short size makes it ideal for use with angle attachments
Tech Specs
Diameter (mm)
3, 4, 2x5, 6, 8 mm
Length (mm)
25 mm
Spiral length
25 mm
short spiral wood drill bits with centring point
PH 1 bit
PH 2 bit
PH 3 bit
PZ 1 bit
PZ 2 bit
PZ 3 bit
TX 10 bit
TX 15 bit
TX 20 bit
TX 25 bit
TX 30 bit
TX 40 bit