SDS Plus Hammer Drill Bit SYS Case Set for Systainer3


  • $155.00
  • SKU: 577398


Festool hammer drills impress with their outstanding service life and high efficiency. The reinforced drilling head is manufactured from high-quality solid carbide. The four-edge design ensures optimum safety when drilling reinforced concrete in particular, as the drill bit does not catch on the reinforcement. The drill bit can be positioned precisely and accurately thanks to the 90° sharp centring point. The wide dust outlets optimally remove the drilling dust, enabling a high drilling speed.

  • Fits perfectly into Systainer³ models with lid compartments
  • Drills are securely held
  • Drills with SDS holder and a solid carbide head
  • Four-edge design – minimises the risk of catching on the reinforcement
  • for Systainer³ models with lid compartments or can be used as a separate box
Tech Specs
Diameter (mm)
5, 3x6, 8, 10, 12 mm
Length (mm)
115 (Ø5)/115 (Ø6)/165 (Ø6)/165 (Ø8)/165 (Ø10)/165 (Ø12) mm
Spiral length
50 (Ø5)/50 (Ø6)/100 (Ø6)/100 (Ø8)/100 (Ø10)/100 (Ø12) mm
Hammer Drill Bit D 5 mm
Hammer Drill Bit D 6 mm x 3
Hammer Drill Bit D 8 mm
Hammer Drill Bit D 10 mm
Hammer Drill Bit D 12 mm