Replacement Selfclean Filter Bags for CT 25 - 5 Pack


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Work cleanly and healthily.

High-quality non-woven filter bag, cleans dust deposits inside the filter bag automatically. Switching on the mobile dust extractor puffs up the SELFCLEAN filter bag. Switching off the mobile dust extractor collapses the bag, removing dust deposits inside the SELFCLEAN filter bag. For longer cleanliness and consequently a more sustained high suction power. This enables work to be carried out efficiently, cleanly and systematically and reduces hazards to health.

  • Quick and easy disposal of class L and M dust
  • optimum utilisation of filter bag capacity and consistently high suction power thanks to SELFCLEAN filter bag
  • FSC™-certified

Main applications

  • For clean work and dust-free disposal of dust
Work dust-free

Independently cleans away dust deposits in the filter bag and ensures constant optimum suction power.

Responsible forest management

The cellulose originates from sustainable forest management and other controlled sources. It therefore bears the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™) seal, which means that all stages along the supply chain are FSC-certified.

Tech Specs
25.00 l
Pack of 5