Universal Reciprocating Saw Blade 205mm x 19mm - 5 Pack


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The wear-resistant bi-metal universal blade is suitable for cutting wood with nails in it and is therefore ideal for demolition work.

  • Ideal for cuts in solid wood with nails
  • The high-temperature-resistant, wear-resistant bi-metal saw blade is ideal for general demolition work
  • Flexible saw blade for flush cuts
  • Cross-set teeth for fast cutting
  • The right saw blade can be found quickly with Festool's colour-coding: The colour yellow stands for machining wood
  • The universal shank makes it easy to change the saw blade quickly on all reciprocating saws with an S-shank mount
  • Safely stowed away and quickly on hand in the intended Systainer³ insert
  • for wood with nails

Main applications

  • For solid wood, even with nails
  • For cutting metal profiles (non-ferrous metals)
  • For wood
  • For plastic tubes and profiles
  • For GRP/epoxy
  • For hard and softwood
Tech Specs
Pitch (mm)
4.30 mm
Length (mm)
230.00 mm
Width (mm)
19.00 mm
Thickness (mm)
1.25 mm
Length of cutting blade
205.00 mm
Pitch (TPI)
6.00 TPI/ZpZ
1 x Uinversal Reciprocating Saw Blade 205mm x 19mm - 5 Pack